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Future Goal

Established in 1998 by Duane Starks (NFL's Cornerback for the New  England Patriots),  Starks Charitable Foundation was designed to ignite hope  and opportunity to economically challenged youth and families.  To date, SCF continues to be a pillar of inspiration through  humanitarian efforts that aide as a stepping stone for those  less fortunate who seek higher education and athletic mentorship.

In addition to the current charitable programs offered by the Starks Charitable Foundation, our goal is to expand our services throughout communities in the US and to implement an after-school tutorial program.

SCF's overall objective is to promote cultural identity and pride amongst youth growing up in disenfranchised communities. Children are the most vulnerable element of our population, making them the most endangered by the ravages of drugs, violence and gangs. Therefore, empowering positive attitude and behavior through positive role models is essential to their future success. "Our youth cannot aim for what they cannot see or imagine." Thus, what society deems as celebrities such as NFL Athletes, Musicians, Actors, etc... play an integral part in molding youth whether it is good or bad.






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